Dental Laser Maintenance Agreement

Your Biolase® dental laser is the lynchpin of you’re practice. You use it day after day to offer customers reliable dental services. Then one day… It’s not working. It’s completely dead.

Without a service agreement:

You call your service provider and they can’t get to you for at least a month… You’re going to have to pay full price for everything. A month passes, then two. They finally get out to look at your machine (after taxes it’s over $1k) only to tell you that your repair requires a rebuilt head, Power supply, etc.

You paid $85,000 for the laser only a few years ago. It’s out of warranty, but why wouldn’t it just keep working fine? What you didn’t know was that the water sprang a leak and your lab assistant cleaned up the water not realizing it was from the laser. The cascade of water shorted out internal parts and wrecked the head. Your laser is now a giant paperweight with several thousand dollars in repairs.

With a service agreement:

You call your service provider. They get the tech out there within a week. The laser is repaired. You are to the range in time for the first tee and your patient has no idea such a devastating event ever happened.

Best of all, there’s no additional bill!